Finally golden jackal has arrived in Naliboki Forest, central-western Belarus

Co-author Irina Rotenko

On sixth November in the localities of Hala Balota and Kukhnja we registered golden jackal by two camera-traps. Applying 10 to almost 80 (mean 40-50) camera-traps since 2014 year-round, this is the first registration of the species in the terrain of Naliboki Forest, central-western Belarus.

2 thoughts on “Finally golden jackal has arrived in Naliboki Forest, central-western Belarus”

  1. Congratulations with your first proof of Golden Jackal. He/she seems to be using the same culvert as his predators, the wolf and lynx….

    1. Yes, all of them (large wolf family, many raccoon dogs, 4 otters, one lynx, 2 badgers, one bear, several mink and pine martens) use this culvert. Interesting. A total in the localities (Kukhnja and Hala Balota) there were 5-7 foxes, up to twenty raccoon dogs (may be more), one bear, seven wolves and three lynxes, 10-15 badges during the last 10 days.

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