Camera-based tracing of behaviour in a large family of Eurasian lynx in the warm season in Naliboki Forest

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

Last summer and this autumn in Naliboki Forest we traced by means of camera-traps the large family of lynxes that was leaded by known female Aurelia. Aurelija has three kittens this year. In this short post we propose to have a look some interesting situations (nursing, grooming) of the lynx family life that we succeeded to film.

It is worthwhile to notice that in the area we often registered known adult male lynx Tsypruk nearby the family. Tsypruk called frequently to Aurelia in both daytime and during night. Our previous photo- and video-materials suggested that Tsypruk mated with Aurelija in the beginning of April i.e. he is a very plausible father of the kittens.

We suppose that staying of Tsypruk close to the Aurelija family is explained by his defence of Aurelija’s territory. Similar situation in Eurasian lynxes in Naliboki Forest (i.e. protecting of family home sites by an adult male) we already traced before for two times.

2 thoughts on “Camera-based tracing of behaviour in a large family of Eurasian lynx in the warm season in Naliboki Forest”

  1. What a beautiful footage you recorded Vadim/Ira. Tsypruk seems to be the lynx-version of Torn ear 😉 Do you think he cares for more females?

    1. Dear Gerard, thanks for your interest to large carnivores and Naliboki Forest. We do not know that. Maybe. But, we already know that adult male lynx take part in family life i.e. life of mother lynx with kittens. At least, with helping to protect the family homesites. At the same time, we already learnt that quite often several male Eurasian lynxes mate with one female in heat. In this case which one protect the family homesites is an intriguing question, too. To regret, lynx researchers from the academic zone pay so little attentions to such important behavioural questions.

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