The united wolf families in the new homesite after stalking of the pups by lynx

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

This post is the continuation of four recent post about breeding of one wolf group in Naliboki Forest, the central western part of Belarus: (1); (2); (3); (4). After so much disturbance to the wolf family by the lynxes (at least, by two different adult males) in the recent coaching place the families relocated about one kilometre away. Avoiding extra disturbance to the wolf family, we did not search for possible carcasses of pups that could be killed by the lynxes.

In this post you will see video about the family life in the new coaching spot at beaver pond on drainage canals. The pond is surrounded by a lot of willow bushes and tall and dense grass.

In the video that was taken by the mid-August you will also see adult wolves (parents and pup-sitter) bringing food to the pups not only in their stomachs, but also they bring pieces of their prey.

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