Afeared wolf is investigating a lynx marking spot

Co-author Irina Rotenko

In this blog we have presented our own materials on the interference between wolves and lynxes in Naliboki Forest, the north-western Belarus in several quite large posts before.

Recently we took several videos suggested an afeared behaviour of a wolf, while it was investigating a lynx marking spot. See in the below videos.

12 thoughts on “Afeared wolf is investigating a lynx marking spot”

  1. Hello Vadim,

    What a good videos!!! You’re lucky.

    I hope evrything’s fine on your side.

    Bests, regards.

    Emmanuel ________________________________

  2. Nice evidence of the wolf’s cautious approach. Thanks again Vadim/Ira
    Warm greetz,

  3. That Lynx looks big, great footage .. thanks Vadim/ Ira hope you both well

  4. Very interesting behavioral videos, the female lynx is really sovereign, but I am missing dates and hours in all related videos.

    1. Thanks, that road pipe is visited by lynxes once per 5-10 days, at least. Every time lynxes mark the pipe. Also, they groom, ambush hunt and sleep therein. The last lynx visit was 4 days before the wolf came there, but that video was black and white. Therefore, I used in the post the last colour video of a lynx at the pipe.

      1. Dear Vadim, thank you very much for your reply and I appreciate your interest in lynx behaviour very much, too. We have also observations about marking points of lynx and its interactions with wolves visits and when there are more wolves in the equal time of visit, behaviour of each one is different concerning their reaction on lynx mark.

  5. Dear Eva, thanks, in this my blog (in different posts) you may find the variety of a wolf reaction on a lynx scent marking as well: from direct attack on a lynx while it was marking to more light scared reaction as one in the last post.
    Best, Vadim

    1. Dear Vadim, of course, I was reading all your posts concerning lynx and wolves interactions immediately after they were published. From my point of view, you are the best expert on lynx behaviour in Europe, so I would like only to share with you, that we have also some similar observations in Slovakia, which help us to supplement our knowledge about this issue. I am wishing you many success in your precious work. Eva

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