Vadim Sidorovich
Vadim Sidorovich, 2017

I have been in zoological studies since 1982, Doctor of Biology since 1989, Professor since 2007. Generally, the main field of my zoological interests was population ecology of carnivores and also other species of vertebrate predators as well as analysis of vertebrate predator-prey community in the transitional mixed forest in Belarus. In the last decade and nowadays I have mainly investigated population biology of the wolf Canis lupus and lynx Lynx lynx. 

The blog aimed to describe briefly the main steps of my former zoological way and to tell about the questions that I have investigated recently. The former studies, that were mostly published, are mentioned shortly with the links to the main publications on the topic. Thus, it is not necessary to describe everything in the blog. Concerning the current question I study and the books I do, there will be markedly more information.

Please note that all information in the blog mainly refer to the territory of Belarus.

For more than thirty years, till 2016 I had worked for the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Science of Belarus. But with time I started noticing that my working time was more and more wasted on the continuous applying for projects, reporting and very time-consuming presenting of the results in scientific journals. There was not enough time for the study itself. Such a system in zoology seems to act all around the world, when an experienced zoologist should spend the main working time like that. I would like to break this type of research life, at least, for myself and try to earn for the study and family life via wildlife-tripping together with my wife Irina Rotenko. Such  trips are a lot targeted on the main subjects of my study i.e. the wolf and lynx (see wolfing.info). As to sharing research results with colleagues, we chose to write books and make them available free on the Web. It seems to be a good alternative way and stats of reads supports such a choice a lot.