Is it possible to distinguish the golden jackal by tracks?

A week ago we took photos and video of golden jackal in Naliboki Forest in the localities of Kukhnja and Hala Balota. See the footprint of that jackal below.

Fore footprint of golden jackal

Today I have seen well golden jackal in the Krasnaje locality that is neighbouring one to Hala Balota at the distance about 3-5 km from the spots, where we filmed the species a week ago.Below there are the footprints of the jackal. The track trail was wavy. The footprints were 5-5.5 cm wide and 6-6.5 cm long, i.e. those were slightly bigger than of the red fox ones. Generally the jackal’s tracks looked like tracks of a domestic dog of medium size or ones of wolf pups in June-July.

Hind footprint of golden jackal.
Fore footprint of golden jackal (below on the right) nearby the tracks of wolf.

By investigating the tracks of the jackals (perhaps the same individual) on soft mud and road sand (two quite opposite substratum), I became convinced that it is impossible to distinguish golden jackal tracks from ones of a medium sized domestic dog or ones of wolf pups in June-July.

4 thoughts on “Is it possible to distinguish the golden jackal by tracks?”

  1. The Golden jackal’s paw print has a feature that distinguishes it from wolves and many dog breeds. The rear part of the pads III and IV are, as far as I am concerned, connected.

    1. I know that, but it looks only like a cabinet idea for distinguishing of the species. This morphological trait is impossible to use in practice. Simply, you can not see the connection print on the footprints on both road sand and mud, at least, on our latitude. Maybe there are hair on it. Hard to say why. Actually on the golden jackal footprints I have seen, it was slightly noticeable some connection, but it was the same a bit pronounced as in dogs and red fox. Moreover, quite a lot of dogs have similar connection between the central digital pads, but their footprints are without its prints. For instance, my two dachshunds originated from Germany had so developed such a between-pad connections, but we could not see that print on their tracks. At last, in the post you see 100% footprints of golden jackal from Belarus. Do you see much between-pad connection on the photos?

    2. As to distinguishing wolf-jackal footprints, there is no problems with adults and subadults. But if you read my post carefully, I mentioned wolf pups in June-July only.

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