Video summary on wolf reproduction, Naliboki Forest, 2020

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

Since the last May we began using video mode in our camera-traps more often in order to create a scientific film about reproduction in wolves in few years. The video sequence you see below is a kind of a report on the video results we gained across breeding of wolves in Naliboki Forest in 2020. In this video you see some interesting moments demonstrating various behaviour of wolf pups and parents during this secretive period.

6 thoughts on “Video summary on wolf reproduction, Naliboki Forest, 2020”

  1. Wonderful and extremely interesting , thank you for your hard work and sharing this video with us

  2. Hello Vadim, hello Irina
    Great pictures, great compilation!
    It seems to be there are signs of hybridisation with domestic dogs. White spot on breast of a young puppy at beginning and black colored adult near end of video.
    Warm greetings

    1. Dear Udo, thanks for attention. We do not think that it is essential generally. First, perhaps, in the modern world all wolf populations have, at least, some contamination by stray dogs. So, actually we can only deal with such wolves. As to some spots in wolf pups, it is not obligatory because of direct hybridisation. In the 2000s (i.e. 2000-2010) more or less about 400 wolves from different part of Belarus were genetically tested, and the genetics did not find any dog’s ancestry. Actually, it should be some, but they did not find. In that periods I found myself more that 30 wolf dens with pups and looked through skins of wolf pups from more than 50 litters. There were some light-yellow or even white spot on one or few pups in each second wolf litter, but genetics from the West did not found any dog’s ancestry in Belarusian wolves in that period. Nowadays, we have not registered still any increase in spots on wolf pups, but almost every spring and summer we find evidence of some wolf-dog hybridization in Naliboki Forest and surroundings al least. We assume that anyway our wolves are still relatively pure, and we do not react on some strange spots on some wolves as they are quite normal in all other features.

  3. Hello Vadim This Wolf in your amazing video seems to me to be a hybrid. Very blackish. Could not add this to my comment. Best wishes and a happy new year Udo


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