One more documentation of tree climbing by lynx

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

Recently we documented one more case of tree climbing (in this case maple) by an adult male lynx. The tree height was about 15 meters, and the lynx climbed for the height of 10-12 meters. The tree diameter at the butt was about 80 cm. That was repeated climbing of this tree by lynxes. At least, there were two more climbings.

Possible aim of climbing is a territorial call. This adult male lives in the close proximity to a mother lynx with two kittens, and he protects the family area by regular calling and a lot of scratch marking.

From the photos you may see the climbing technique which lynxes apply to climb a wide deciduous tree. Lynx embraces wide trunk by fore paws and lift hind legs to the belly level. This moment lynx hitches by hind paw claws and, by pushing of with hind legs, it grabs about one meter higher by claws of fore legs. Also, it is worthwhile to notice that adult lynx may fix itself even on bark of deciduous tree in all direction positions.

Here you may see closer the male that climbed the maple tree

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