Usage of big nest on tree as a calling-resting-watching platform by lynxes

Co-author Irina Rotenko

In 2019-2020 in Naliboki Forest (central-western Belarus) by means of registration of tracks at tree butt and claw marks on trunk we found that in February-April lynxes used climbing on two pine trees which had a raven nest. After several lynx climbing the nests were almost destroyed and finally disappeared. We could not take photos of that lynx behaviour, however, all the signs, that we observed, definitely suggested that the lynxes were on the nests.

Perhaps, they used the nests as a suitable platform for territorial or mating calls from the height, at least. We already numerically proved that Eurasian lynx is characterized by such a behaviour (e.g. see several recent posts of this blog). So, there was nothing strange that lynxes choose trees with such large enough nest. Moreover, it occasionally happened that both pine trees were used by lynxes for climbing even before these raven nests appeared there.

Recently we visited one of the places. Raven built a nest again, but on the neighbouring dead pine. There were many lynx claw marks on the trunk. So, a lynx climbed this tree with the new raven nest, too.

In all the above cases we did not know about lynxes climbed the trees for a territorial or mating call only or for resting-watching as well. There was a good consistency that they rested and watched around from there too. In such a case those lynxes could stay on the nest platforms quite long.

One recent occasion helped to learn this question a bit more. Walking in the same forest, we heard calling by a lynx. It looked like the call was travelling from a height. There were many callings (more than 30), and we succeeded to approach the point. The lynx escaped before we see it. However, with tracks on snow cover and claw marks on the trunk we found that the lynx was calling from the big nest of spotted eagle. Taking into account when the last snowfall was, we estimated that the lynx stayed on the nest 18 hours, at least. So, it was not only calling from the nest, but also resting and watching from there.

In the mid-summer of 2021 our colleague Dr.Valery Dombrovski, while doing a project from APB and putting camera-traps at nests of greater spotted eagles in the central south of Belarus, occasionally took several photos of a lynx on the raptor species nest. See one the photos below.

Photo by Valery Dombrovski.

4 thoughts on “Usage of big nest on tree as a calling-resting-watching platform by lynxes”

  1. Good! Interesting observation of lynx behaviour in your ecological conditions as is flat forest terrain.

  2. Hello Vadim,
    in Germany lynx sometimes use hunting raised hides as resting places. Its plausible they will also use even higher platforms like eagle, hawk or raven nests. Either for resting or for calling as you found out in Naliboki forest.
    Its always amazing what you find out through your observations !
    Best regards

  3. The lynx’s nest in the tree is huge. If I hadn’t read the article, I would have thought it was the nest of some giant bird.

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