Documentation of using badger sett by lynx mother with small kittens

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

In our previous studies we registered usage of badger setts by mother lynx with small kittens in June-August (mainly by track registrations), as well as much interest of pregnant female lynxes to badger setts (by camera trapping). We supposed that badger sett is a quite common den of the Eurasian lynx. Nevertheless, a good documentation of using badger sett by lynx mother with small kittens was absent in our materials. We had some photos of that behaviour only.

Recently on 20th July, we took an interesting video-documentation of mother lynx with two small kittens at the badger sett. Additionally we were able to check tracks of the family on sand at the badger sett and at the burrow entrances. The kittens were playing by the sett entering the burrow. The mother left the kittens at the sett. She was registered to walk alone away of the sett twice. During the mother absence kittens were either playing outside or sitting inside.

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