Where do births and raising early days kits in lynxes take place? When do lynxes give birth in Belarus?

The common belief of the lynx-related zoologists is that parturition in lynxes takes place in a thicket somewhere under treefall. Sometimes, it really happens. However, for more than twenty years of searching for wolf dens in Paazierre Forest and Naliboki Forest in Belarus in April-June I have found almost two thousand of wolf dens under treefalls (mostly without pups, former ones etc), but only a few lynx denning sites (easily recognisable by presence of lynx hair) have been found under treefalls.
At the same time when I worked in the regions, there were, at least, the same or double number of lynx litters compared to the number of wolf litters. So, if female lynxes give birth under treefall and in thickets, I could discover markedly more lynx dens there, perhaps, hundreds of former lynx denning sites, too (i.e. similar as in the wolf case).

Heavily pregnant female lynx at former wolf burrow on 20th of April. in Naliboki Forest.

At the same time, we (together with Wild Naliboki team) already got many pieces of evidence that in Belarus parturition in lynxes and raising of early day kits are going on in burrows such as former wolf burrows, abandoned badger setts and beaver burrow network.

Concerning the timing of giving birth by lynxes, it appears to be prolonged in Belarus;  it happens starting from the last decade of April and perhaps until mid-June or until the end of May. Births in lynxes mainly happen during the first and second decades of May.

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Another female lynx, which looks like pregnant, at the same former wolf burrow a year earlier, actually 1st of April.

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Lynx mother with kits at former wolf burrow.

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Habitat, where female lynx gave birth or only temporarily placed kits of about  3 weeks old in the first decade of May. The kits were placed in  the  burrow network of abandoned beaver settlement (see  the photos in the below)
Irina Rotenko inspecting one of the burrows.