Poorly known marking manner of the Eurasian lynx by scratching of forest floor or snow cover

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

In snowless season Eurasian lynxes quite often do territorial marks by applying not only rubbing and urinating (defecating), but also scratching of forest floor. It looks like that is poorly known for lynx researchers and amateurs.

Actually sometimes Eurasian lynxes do quite a lot of such scratching-floor marks. Mainly lynxes scratch forest floor by hind legs, but sometimes they scratch forest floor by fore legs.

Recently in the mid-May in one spot like at a small forest pathway on the stretch of about 400 meters long we found 31 such marks mainly in three places.

In winter, while marking, lynxes may scratch snow cover or ice, but not much as they scratch-mark forest floor in the snowless season.

Scratch-mark of floor by lynx.

Scratch-marking by lynx of forest floor

Scratch-mark of snow cover and ice by lynxes. The left photo was taken by Sanne Ruyts.

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