Wildlife trips on the way of our zoological study in Naliboki Forest

Nowadays, the way of a researcher is overloaded with applying for projects and then producing numerous reports that can negatively affect the studies of wildlife.  Such a situation is spread in the academic zone everywhere in the world. It wasn’t so hard for us a while ago, but during the last decade it started to be really too much, and that brought a feeling of wasting time in the academic zone. In effect, we quitted the zoological institute and university we worked for (in my case for 32 years), moved to our homestead in Naliboki Forest and continued the study on vertebrate predators (first of all, the wolf, lynx and badger) on our own.

To support our study, we started to organize wildlife trips to Naliboki Forest basing on Naust Eco Station that is owned and managed  by my wife, Irina Rotenko. Such wildlife trips are not only about seeing animals and their activity signs in the wild, but also about knowledge in relation to the main subjects of our study like wolf or lynx and the whole wild terrain of Naliboki Forest.

With the respect to these, we are searching for nature amateurs and professional zoologists who would like to gain new knowledge and at the same time contribute to that, just following their interests.

So, you are welcome to take part, to collaborate or just to reboot yourself in the wild of Naliboki Forest! For all the questions please write at naust.eco.station@gmail.com




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