Wildlife trips on the way of our zoological study in Naliboki Forest

Nowadays, the way of a researcher is overloaded with applying for projects and then producing numerous reports that can negatively affect the studies of wildlife.  Such a situation is spread in the academic zone everywhere in the world. It wasn’t so hard for us a while ago, but during the last decade it started to be really too much, and that brought a feeling of wasting time in the academic zone. In effect, we quitted the zoological institute and university we worked for (in my case for 32 years), moved to our homestead in Naliboki Forest and continued the study on vertebrate predators (first of all, the wolf, lynx and badger) on our own. Continue reading “Wildlife trips on the way of our zoological study in Naliboki Forest”

The essential changes in my research establishment that happened in 2015-2017

For more than thirty years, till 2016 I had worked for the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Science of Belarus. But with time I started noticing that my working time was more and more wasted on the continuous applying for projects, reporting and very time-consuming presenting of the results in scientific journals. There was not enough time for the study itself.  But  if even a quite successful  zoologist neglects this applying-reporting-presenting chain,  soon he will appear without a financial support. So it seems the only way for a reseracher to be employed as a zoologist with some financial resources is to stay at a computer screen. Such a system in zoology seems to act all around the world, when an experienced zoologist should spend the main working time like that. I got convinced that, at least, it is true for zoology of vertebrate animals,  the field I have worked in for more than 30 years since 1984. Continue reading “The essential changes in my research establishment that happened in 2015-2017”