Book “Reading mammal activity signs” has been published

Recently I published a new book “Reading mammal activity signs. Experience of 40 years in Naliboki Forest and Paazierre Forest, Belarus”. It is published in two versions as a hard copy and as an e-book (print replica).

The book language is English. It consists of 440 pages and includes 1608 illustrations, mainly photos of mammal doing activity signs and activity signs themselves.

The book is also available as a hard copy.

In this book I tried to give a detailed information about activity signs (tracks, scats, dens, other shelters, grooming spots, marking, feeding remains etc.) of mammals in the European forest zone.

The materials, skills and knowledge for the book I gradually gained during almost 40 years in Naliboki Forest and Paazierre Forest in Belarus.

The book consists of two main parts. In the first part mammal activity signs are represented for a great variety of ecological situations. Such a decision of the book structure I believe will facilitate identifying signs of mammal activity. Second part of the book is more standard. It gives basic activity signs for each mammal species of the European forest zone including both native and exotic species.

Buying the e-book you are helping to continue our study on large carnivores.

To buy e-book version please visit one of the Amazon sites –>>

For any questions please contact at .

16 thoughts on “Book “Reading mammal activity signs” has been published”

  1. Looks like printed version is not available in US, Canada or Poland. How to get hold of one? Cheers Christopher

      1. The book arrived today — well worth the price! Really interesting and valuable information. I will recommend it.

  2. Hello,
    I really want to get a hard copy of the book. How can I get it?

  3. Hello, I would like to order a hardcopy directly if possible. Thank you!

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