What is the cause of the badger population decline in Belarus? 

Within the analysis of vertebrate predator-prey community we carried out the population studies on the badger Meles meles  and raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides with implication for the strong decline in badgers even in seminatural terrains in Belarus. During multiannual investigation including three periods of radiotracking studies, we found four kinds of strong impacts of naturalized raccoon dogs on badgers as well as the influence of several other negative factors. As to the telemetry studies, we sufficiently radiotracked  11 badgers and 35 raccoon dogs. The results were entirely published in the respective book and several articles.

Cover.qxd  I. Rotenko, V. Sidorovich. “Badger and Raccoon dog in Belarus: population studies with implication for the decline in Belarus” – Chatyry chverci, 2017.

Radiotagged badger
Irina Rotenko doing radiotracking