Reading mammal activity signs

Since my childhood I have been very interested in tracks of mammals and  in the entire variety of activity signs of mammals and birds on the whole.  Within this my passion I tried to push forward not only identifying of mammal activity signs, but their usage in track-based research methods on population ecology as well as to reconstruct correctly the respective behavior of mammals from their activity signs.  Several books were published on this topic. With respect to that I would like to create a more comprehensive and complete book about mammal activity signs  titled as “Reading mammal signs…”. I  gradually work on this project, and hopefully the first edition of such a track book will be published  within the next two years.

guide“Guide to mammal and bird activity signs” – Zimaletto, 2009 – 236 pages ( in English and Belarusian)

Cover.qxd “Mammal activity signs: Atlas, identification keys and research methods” – Veche, 2013 – 315 pages (in English). Coauthor: Vorobej Nikolaj