Plans for a book on the wolf reproduction biology and family life 

Together with Irina Rotenko I started preparing a book about wolves in Belarus. There, we will address the questions of the species reproduction biology and family life that are still insufficiently investigated and full of contradicting hypotheses and knowledge. However, the main thing for us in doing this book is that being interested in studying these hidden part of wolf life, we would like to share the knowledge and skills we have gained on wolves in Belarus with wolf colleagues and amateurs.

Parent wolves looking for a new den for their pups

The preliminary title of the book is: “Reproduction biology and family life in grey wolves Canis lupus: common beliefs versus reality. Skills and knowledge gained in Naliboki Forest and Paazierre Forest, Belarus.” For the moment we plan publishing the book in 2018.
The book will contain the following parts:

  1. Introduction (about new knowledge and skills the book brings; about the norms in the reproduction, family life and pack forming and abnormalities that were found in Belarus; acknowledgement )
  2. Study areas
  3. Materials and methodsCover.qxd
  4. List of examples of all abnormalities found in the wolf breeding, family life and pack forming with detailed description of the most interesting ones
  5. List of examples of the wolf-lynx interference with implication for the loss in the wolf reproduction with detailed description of the most interesting cases
  6. Mating in wolves
  7. Parturition and denning behaviour in wolves
  8. Breeding peculiarities in wolves: multi-breeding and breeding of yearling females
  9. Raising of pups until early autumn
  10. Life of yearling wolves during summer
  11. Reproduction rate in wolves and the negative role of lynxes
  12. Logging-related failure in the wolf reproduction
  13. Packing and pack home range
  14. Syntheses
  15. Literature